Today, the new Platform

Welcome to the new One World Platform. We invite you to participate, propose, comment, engage with us, and share your/our stories. We also invite you to say goodbye to the portal you have known, read and used the last 12 years.

The conversation continue here:

One World Platform is about connecting, sharing, bringing relevant piece of information,  knowledge and practices of actions to the ones who search for them, in the language they know, use and understand. The new One World Platform will grow around three main areas/line of action:

Internet Rights are Human Rights: The Internet is a media, a tool, a space but most of all is a HUMAN RIGHT that each and everyone need to enjoy everywhere. We will explore the intersection of Internet rights and human rights, globally and locally. Talk and advocate for anonymity, privacy, affordable access, alternative to copy right. Promote a feminist Internet and many more issues.

Womens Rights: Advocate and promote Women’s rights together with which we host and support. Research the intersection between Internet Rights, Women Right and Sexualities. Use technology to empower women/girls

Trans tech: Use the transformative power of technology to increase the capacity and free the creativity of activists, formal and informal group, civil society organizations together with the citizens of the Internet.

How it all started?
You have known, read and follow a multilanguage and multimedia platform for civil society organizations in Southeast Europe. The portal in 4 languages launched in 2003 that brought civil society issue to you in your language of preference for 12 years.
Our four language editions (Dobar dan/BHS, Dobar den/Macedonian, Mirdita/Albanian and Hello/English) have been used since 2003 as tool for connecting. The English edition was our virtual gate to tell stories of civil society and human rights practices and resiliencies of our region to the world. The local languages editions were our challenge and our mission in a region where division, nationalism and war used languages to disseminate hatred and division.
The editors acted as the link between the existing communities and the portal. Reporting and translating the most interesting and relevant informations back and forth form real lives to the web and the opposite way around.
Internet was very costly at that time. Civil society organizational websites were rare. As spin off and,  late on as member of the pioneering One World global network, we were committed to give voice to the voiceless. Our commitment was to power, discover, produce, aggregate and disseminate stories and social causes of the people living in the western Balkans. Today, civil society presence on the Internet is a reality of our region. The voices are many even if not all equally strong.
To make these voices stronger, to support their diversity we felt Internet is a key resource and a precious space of democracy. For these reason we felt that is time to devote all our passion and resources to advocate for its openness, freedom and affordability.
The organization
We started on the Internet. We work from remote and met periodically face-to-face somewhere in the region. And BECAUSE we are on the Internet we had to learn the tool, explore the space  and question the politics.
To paraphrase Aqualang from Jetro Tull  “At the beginning was the portal (2003) and the portal create the organization (2005)”. The organization’s name was and will remain longer and more articulate than our domains: OneWorld Platform for Southeast Europe Foundation (One World Platform). Each of our initiatives happens at least in two places and one of these is the virtual space of Internet.
As organization we see ourselves as an open community, a network of individuals, informal and formal groups. Hacktivists of and for the Internet which is our media, tool, space but more of all our HUMAN RIGHT.
Vision and Mission
One World Platform is registered in Bosnia Herzegovina as Foundation who envision:
“An active and efficient online community of the South East Europe unified in efforts to impact faster democratic developments and positive change within civil societies of the region, through interactive platforms and cooperation (at local, national, regional and international levels).”

Our mission is:

  • to provide support for connecting communities from the region, enabling their cooperation through local content and languages;
  • to be an important information service provider, ensuring that voices of diversity are reaching the broadcast audiences;
  • to be an educational center, providing trainings on various topics and issues;
  • to utilize the Internet and independent technologies as tools for social change in civil societies of the SEE region;
  • to create networks and partnerships with organizations working in the fields such as advocacy, information communications, media, human rights, gender equality, activism, and sustainability.

Our activities, programs and initiatives respond three main working areas:

1. Internet Rights because Internet rights are human rights
2. Womens Rights because patriarchy is everywhere and the virtual is real
3. Trans Tech (Transformative Technologies) because knowledge is power and we generate the change

Strongly convinced that the means need to be coherent/consistent with the goals, we have chosen to pass all our initiative, programs, events trough t he filter of:

  • Openness of content, infrastructure, standards.
  • Feminist approach to technology where gender(s) awareness is a precondition and a practice for deconstruction towards empowerment of diversity.