10 years of movement “Take back the tech” Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the „16 Day of activism“ One World Platform is celebrating its 10. birthday with “Take back the Tech” campaign. All these years we were fighting against gender-based violence and we were emphasizing campaign “16 days of activism” because we were and we are part of something bigger when it comes about it. We were “pars pro toto”, a part (taken) for the whole. All these years we were creating with TBBT, for TBBT and for all of us. Each year, we created some content, whether it was just stickers and/or rollouts with motivating messages and women on the cover, but we have selected the most interesting ones in this review.

Materials that we have used in the campaign

Take back the tech is global online campaign whose primary purpose is calling users of informational and communicational technologies, especially women and girls, to take back the tech, and throughout this process, to demand and achieve the right to define, approach, use and shape ICT.

Ten years with Take Back the Tech brought many different experiences from different spheres of action. Throughout the years, we exchanged knowledge, experiences, personal and public stories, we were working, supporting one another and creating a history.

When we started the campaign, our goal was to involve as many civil society stakeholders as possible, especially girls and women, to think about the issue of violence in ICT in its broadest context. This goal remains the same even today, but our modes of action and the way we approach the problem of gender-based violence (through ICT) has changed .

We have met many activists new friends who shared with us the passion of action in the fight against (online) violence. We are cooperating with associations, foundations and individuals.

First question we asked ourselves and our target groups is: Can ICT technologies such as cell phones, web cameras, blogs and video games affect power relationships between women and men? What is the link between violence against women and ICT?

In all these years the OWP and zenskaposla.ba team has planned, shaped and implemented the TBTT campaign by involving a large number of organizations and individuals, regardless of the level of their involvement and nowledge and use of ICT. Different forms of participation for organizations and individuals, depending on the level of knowledge and expertise in using ICT, made this campaign interesting and accessible to everyone.

In 2007 OWP made its first call to public for participation in the TBTT campaign in this region.

“The One World Foundation – the platform for SE Europe (owpsee) informs you that, within its own and the activities of other organizations in the South East Europe region, we launched ” Take Back the Tech“ campaign.”

Former OWPSEE (today OWP) started campaigning in South East Europe in 2008. and the countries that are included are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Albania.

During the „16 days of activism against gender-based violence“ OWP team's activities range from translating materials to some of the local languages, roundtables, documenting, training and/or digital storytelling.

In 2009  „Take Back The Tech! Bosnia and Herzegovina“ published two online books telling stories of violence against women and survivors, in collaboration with two partners – Women's Forum Bratunac (a municipality located in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Women's wellness center (a safe house for women in Pec, Kosovo) -“Žene u vremenu” (Women in time) documents memories of women from Bosnia and Herzegovina who took the active part in post-war reconstruction during the period between two wars – 1945. (the end of the Second World War) and 1992. (the start of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina). The second book “Behind Walls” captures the experiences of workers and clients in Women's Wellness Center – Safe House.


In 2011 Take Back The Tech! Bosnia – Herzegovina translated and launched the Take Back the Tech! online mapping platform in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian and documented local stories of technology-related violence against women.

The call for mapping is a call to witness, and goal is making the invisible visible. Take Back the Tech! calls women and girls to take control of technology, to tell our own stories, create our own testimonies, represent ourselves and shape our own narratives about the violence that women and girls face all over the world. One of the activities was video adaptation that speaks of virtual vulnerability in local languages.



In 2012 Zenskaposla.ba and OneWorld SEE marked 16 days of activism through the TBTT campaign in collaboration with partner organisations: Okvir, Ilovača Youth Association, Infoteka, Mostar Antifascist Action, Abrašmedia, Women to Women, Banja Luka Citizens’ Parliament, Viktorija 99, Youth Center Ljubija, Youth Center “KVART” Prijedor, Sharp Zero (Oštra nula), Bratunac Women's Forum and Citizens’. A number of activities were carried primarily involving woman and children.

In 2013 campaign started with a call for recognition of our rights to privacy in the digital world, with emphasis on the fact that the right to privacy is the key step towards the elimination of violence against women.

Surveillance has become a fact of everyday life, with governments claiming that we should yield our privacy in favor of security. Women all over the world are being watched over by their husbands, fathers, partners or parents for their own safety, but that “protection” prevents the women from making their own decisions and allows the abusers to easily reach their victims and control them.

This year, the campaign was based on the dissemination of useful information, conversations and training.

„Together, we can and we should talk about gender-based violence, using the technology to augment and strengthen our voice. Follow us on the web and on Twitter where we will offer you information, education, calls for participation in workshops, panel and online discussions and debate for the next 16 days,. Be our allies in the effort to take back the tech!“

DiscoTech was the name of the final event within the 16 days of activism and the “Take back the tech” campaign in 2013. DiscoTech guests had the opportunity to see and hear seven successful women in the world of technology; Valentina Pellizzer OWPSEE Foundation Director, Amila Akagić Assistant at the ETF, Hana Ćurak Student, Amina Kadrić (doIT), Karmela Gajdek Croatian President from the sister portal of Libela.org (and one of the leader site in this area) in Croatia, and Milena Vasić and Dragana Stojanovic (Women from the Internet) from Serbia. These are girls and women from from BiH and from the region who use information communication technology (ICT) within their business spheres and spheres of interest.

Slikovni rezultat za disco tech one world platform

In 2014, Take Back the Tech campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina, among other activities, marked the show “Virtually is Real”. The performance took place in the Bosnian town of Konjic. The theme of the show was cyberbullying. Just like previous activities during the TBTT campaign, this campaign was also managed and completed by OWP Foundation in cooperation with partners and friends; organizations “Volunteers and Friends of the Konjic Region” and “Amateur Neretva Theater”. Year 2014. was very important for TBTT campaign at the local level. Through its activities, OWP and Zenskaposla.ba have shown seriousness in the fight versus violence against women through ICT and in the same year they won the prestigious award from International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The campaign was globally recognized for its “efforts to reduce online threats and build trust in girls and women using ICT”, winning first place between 360 nominations and 37 finalists from more than 70 countries in category 6. which focuses on gender equality and the use of ICT.

One World Platform and zenskaposla.ba during the 16 days of activism in 2013 released stories of girls belonging to the Millenial generation-generation that uses the internet since they were born, the generation of girls who had the chance to grow and mature together with the internet. In 16 days, Zenskaposla.ba gathered in one place 16 international stories about the innovative ways that Millenials are fighting against the online violence they are exposed to.

In 2016 we updated our TBTT stickers and notebook cover.

The cause of violence against women lies in the unequal relationships of power between women and men in all spheres of life. The same applies to the use of ICT and that's the fact that's still leading us after all these years and campaigns.

Digital space such as the Internet and telecommunication map out the dominant social masculine relationships in their spheres of existence.

Our right to live freely, without violence, harassment or threats exists in the digital universe as well.

Today, during the 16 days of activism in 2017, the TBTT campaign calls for all those who are fighting against gender-based violence to participate in the creation of a museum that will consist of all the materials you used to prevent and/or to point out this problem.

Join us!

More information at: https://zenskaposla.ba/2017/11/29/historija-pokreta-za-koncanje-rodno-zansovanog-nasilja/


Erna Ključić, One World Platform


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