Croatia: Dislike for hatred

Author: Sanela Gojak

The Government of Croatia has joined the Council of Europe Campaign NO to hate speech on the Internet, which was recently officially presented.

By the end of December, the campaign No to hate speech on the Internet will be implemented at the national level. The overall objective of the campaign is to inform and sensitize the public, especially children and youth, about respect for human rights as well as about the negative effects of hate speech.

Young people, with their proactive action on the internet, at school and in the community, will raise awareness of themselves and others about what is hate speech and what the consequences of such an unacceptable way of expression may have.

Certain activities of the campaign will focus primarily on children and young people aged 13 to 19 years (activities to be implemented in schools), and other activities will include a broader population of children and youth.

In addition to addressing the negative consequences of hate speech on the Internet, the activities should encourage to respect human rights and to respect diversity which have the basis in national origin, race, ethnicity, skin colour, economic status/financial status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and so on.

Among these activities, the campaign No to hate speech on the Internet, whose promotional video can be seen here, will have other offline activities: seminars, events, youth flash-mob etc.

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