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“Digitised security: How to read the surveillance discourse and fight it!” is a seminar organized by The Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDNEE) for young activists with experience in digital and/or human rights activism, but also for those less experienced and members of young organisations coming from any Council of Europe member states, as well as Kosovo, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. The seminar will take place close to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 24-30 April 2017. All sessions will be conducted in English.

The full cost of lodging (accommodation, food, and refreshments) during the seminar are covered by the organisers and up to 70% of travel costs will be reimbursed.. Participation fee is 30EUR for participants coming from non-EU countries and 50 EUR for participants coming from EU countries (and Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland).

The DEADLINE for submitting the completed application is Sunday, 5 March 2017 at Midnight (CET).

More information about the call, including a summary of the topicsdraft program, project aims, and application form, can be found on the project page: https://www.cdnee.org/digitised-security-how-to-read-the-surveillance-discourse-and-fight-it/.

Belma Kučukalić

Virtual nomad and storyteller. Passionate lover of social media and potential that it provides. Interested in education on ICT sector, its intersection with women’s rights, believer in visual power of transmitting the message. Loud activist when it comes to all forms of cyberbullying.


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