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IT Girls is a project that wants to encourage girls to start thinking about education and eventually potential career in the world of information technology, from early age on. It started off as an initiative of Untied Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where this idea and this topic was voted as best one in the “Competition for Best Innovation for Under 30”. As one of the high peaks of the project website called was officially launched yesterday!

Partners on the project are Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina and NGO One World Platform. is surely not the first web site of this kind, even the most developed countries in the world are tackling the question of low numbers of girls and women in ICT and are developing different solutions and platforms to encourage girls to step into IT world. However, two things that make really major are: more local content and more local context.

If we talk about access (not only access to technology itself, where girls come from households that cannot provide them with gadgets, and free wi-fi, which is another important issue to tackle in the long run) we must take into consideration the fact that majority of websites and content on the topic of girls and ICT field are still in English. provides girls with statistics, stories, fun facts inherpoines their own local languages which is a major starting plus. This component will help make them more comfortable and more confidant, specially those who might be struggling with English language.

Another issue is lack of female role models in tech industry, who are often underrepresented in media. This is where steps in to provides us with stories about our own local Digital Heroines.

One thing which brings an added value to this website is its initial creative team, that consists out of young women (aside from Jeremy) who are not necessarily techies, or coming from IT branches, but young women who recognized their own potentials and strengths in being able to build up an infrastructure around creating a space for girls in tech. Just by going through the process of building up the ideas, stories and website itself, they had the chance themselves to step up in the beautiful world of technology, and be the creators of space that will encourage and empower young girls to try something new. And those are the values and processes that we, in One World Platform, deeply encourage.


On behalf of One World Platform, we congratulate ITGirl Team for making this happen, as well as their other partners, and thanking them for the lovely opportunity to be part of this story.

To you, as the end user of this website, we encourage you to go and click on every link you find, play around the page, read, pose questions, get inspired and get connected. This is your space, meant for you to grow, expand your knowledge and not ever be afraid to try something that potentially scares you and challenges you. Take control over technology and use its full potential while building your own capacities.

Check out official website here:, as well as Facebook Page here.

Belma Kučukalić

Virtual nomad and storyteller. Passionate lover of social media and potential that it provides. Interested in education on ICT sector, its intersection with women’s rights, believer in visual power of transmitting the message. Loud activist when it comes to all forms of cyberbullying.


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