Open Call: Seminar “Digitised security – How to read the surveillance discourse and fight it!”

CDN, the digital [x] working group and Youth movement Revolt are announcing a call for members of the international preparatory team for the seminar “Digitised security – How to read the surveillance discourse and fight it!”. It will take place from 24 – 30 April 2017 in Bosnia. It was inspired by a digital [x] webinar that looked at the political reactions sparked by the terrorist attacks in Paris and how the tension between security and freedom was framed by agenda setters. A year later, censorship and mass surveillance are becoming the norm, and we want to fight this: we want to change the discourse to achieve better policy and give everyone the tools to protect their freedom even in hostile environments.
We are in searching for young people who are passionate about digital rights and the values of the Green movement, coming from Council of Europe member states, Belarus, Kosovo* and Kazakhstan. Do you want to help build a bigger movement? Do you think digital rights are tightly connected to other social and personal rights? Then this is for you!
DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 2 January 2017 at midnight (CET).
Application and more information can be found here.


Belma Kučukalić

Virtual nomad and storyteller. Passionate lover of social media and potential that it provides. Interested in education on ICT sector, its intersection with women’s rights, believer in visual power of transmitting the message. Loud activist when it comes to all forms of cyberbullying.


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