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…or  Transformative Technology: We invite you to use the transformative power of technology to increase the capacity and free the creativity of activists, formal and informal group, civil society organizations together with the citizens of the Internet.

Participatory video was for me an exciting adventure. I like it because there is video, but there are negotiations. There is an issue and the technology is again just one mean to make people thinking, talking, and advocate within the process, and then for the process and for changes. So I would say video, images, technology, negotiations and stories.

valentina hvale pellizzer

co-facilitator and participant, Oneworld Platform

Digital Stories from the Balkans

These digital stories speak of the courage and creativity of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) activists in the Balkans, and the ways in which they navigate the cruelty of homophobic oppression and find a second home and acceptance in the LGBT community.

A Handbook: Why transformative storytelling approaches?

The following online handbook provides conceptual reflections, practical experiences, and methodological guidance on transformative creative and visual storytelling methods.

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Visual stories of change


This project is based on the telling of stories. Not fiction or fantasy, but the telling of people’s own stories about their experiences of citizen participation, local governance and how change happens in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Using digital storytelling and participatory video – forms of participatory visual methods – it has given more than 20 citizens in BiH an opportunity to develop, articulate and share stories about themselves, their municipalities and the systems which affect their lives. The stories produced give powerful and personal insights into the realities of citizenship, participation, democracy and local governance in BiH today.

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Pod ključem

“Pod Ključem” je serija od 6 digitalnih priča čije su autorice zatvorenice i žene koje su služile zatvorsku kaznu u BiH.

Digitalne priče su moćna alatka za rad na stavovima i obrascima ponašanja – aspekti koje prava na papiru ne dotiču. Digitalne priče su način za razvijanje lokalnog, autentičnog i inovativnog sadržaja koji odražava realni život i koji se može koristiti za uvođenje promjena i iscjeljenje.

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Diskriminacija i ja: lične priče o životu na marginične-priče-o-životu-na-margini

”Diskriminacija i ja” serijal digitalnih priča za

QSF Workshop
QSF Workshop after the Queer Sarajevo Festival

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