EU Copyright Censorship Filter and the Article 13

One World Platform is supporting an initiative to oppose an EU copyright censorship filter and together with over 50 NGOs representing human rights and media freedom is sending an open letter to the European Commission President, the European Parliament and the Council asking them to delete the censorship filter proposal (Article 13 of the proposed Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market [2016/0280(COD)])

Article 13 would require platforms to install filters that prevent the uploading by users of copyrighted materials. Such a filter would require the monitoring of all uploads by users and would be unlikely to differentiate between copyright infringements and legitimate uses of content authorized by law. It would be applied to a large variety of internet platforms ranging from videos on YouTube or Dailymotion, to blogging platforms, information portals, social media platforms, document sharing platforms, picture and art sharing platforms, coding repositories, comment sections, open access repositories, marketplaces, sheet music platforms, and all other platforms you can think of that accept user-uploaded content.

Such proposal has never been imposed, not even in the case of preventing terrorism and hate speech. Article 13 would would have serious and harmful consequences for freedom of expression, innovation and competition while supporting massive private censorship.

You can read the open letter here.

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